Archive June 2012

radishes dipped in butter

radishes with butter and salt is a favorite snack around here, this is a pretty amazing way to serve them!

les indiennes wallpaper

it turns out that i am terrified of making any decisions regarding my own house.  but if this remodel ever gets off the ground i would love wallpaper in the stairwell.  i would also love to live in a house old enough to have worn treads like these but that isn’t happening…

simple sconces

these (here and here) are such great simple small Antique Sconces.  i would switch the bulbs to round ones…  

calm spot

love this calm spot in a current project.  i’m looking forward to getting better photos.

smiling planet

love these smiling planet pillows.  on sale at mini social today!    

indus decor

great resource for block print fabric.  hoping to use them for a massive amount of curtains, they won’t cut swatches so our client is using the 2.5 yard samples for summer tablecloths!